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Pour Homme Oud Clove Perfume" - An Enchanting Blend of Spicy Clove and Rich Oud for Men


Fragrance Profile:

  • Top notes: Warm, spicy, and slightly sweet aroma of cloves.
  • Middle and Base Notes: A musky, woody yet sweet scent from Oud.
  • Embrace the enigma: Discover Pour Homme Oud Clove Perfume and let its captivating scent unlock your inner mystery.


  1. Dive Into Intrigue: The captivating warmth of cloves greets you first, a bold and inviting aroma.
  2. All-day confidence: Leave a lasting impression with a fragrance that lingers on your skin and in the air.
  3. Own your signature: This Limited Edition and unique blend sets you apart, leaving a lasting impression.
  4. Inner peace found: Aromatherapy whispers relaxation, reducing stress and leaving you feeling centered.
  5. Composed allure: Elevate your mood with a fragrance that exudes confidence and quiet power.

Limited Edition: Yes

Buy now and make a lasting impact with Oud Clove's alluring "Pour Homme" fragrance.

We present our latest fragrance specially created for confident men. The initial warmth and warm embrace of the bold cloves set the scene for an enchanting and immersive sensory journey. "Pour Homme" Oud Clove – Gain confidence with the fragrance of Oud and Clove. Experience lasting impact with a special sweet fragrance throughout the day.

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